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joynagy-burdock form.jpg

Burdock Form III 14 x 17" watercolor on paper

joynagy-burdock new-a.jpg

September Burdock 14 x 17" watercolor on paper

joynagy-burdock sm 2 a.jpg

 Small Burdock i and 2

     10 x 12" each

watercolor on canvas

joynagy-burdock sm1-a.jpg
joynagy-burdock bundle-a .jpg

Bundle of Leaves 20 x 28"  watercolor on paper

I make most of my work by direct observation of nature, using watercolor or graphite on a ground either of prepared canvas or paper. The focal point of my images is often centered on my subject, hovering as close to the edges as possible. I see beauty in the imperfections and weathered aspects of a weed, a withered leaf or a gnarled tree trunk. Burdock, dandelion and teasel plants are considered weeds, they are my favorite subjects. 

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