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Family Matters 2017- present

“Family Matters” is the series that evolved as a result of my inheriting the contents of four storage units. 

My aunt died in 1992, my mother in 2004. I recovered their possessions in four storage units that belonged to my recently deceased brother. A year after his passing I am still processing my legacy, sorting and documenting these treasures. Over 200 textiles—handkerchiefs, silk scarves, handmade dresses and ornamental flowers, photographs and objects filled suitcases and cardboard boxes.

Triggered by my brother’s death, this work represents a reappraisal of values. My brothers death was not only about his loss but about the entire family and its interrelationships.. Paintings, assemblage. and installations include objects and photographs record my families issues of immigration, hard work, and love. 

oil paintings on canvas-10 X 12" each