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Tree Line

Created during my 2010 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council residency on Governors Island, this installation of eight large drawings evoked an outdoor habitat. Observing the tenacity of trees, their roots growing over iron guardrails, dislodging cement and brick, I was moved to describe their beauty and strength while also comparing their anatomical similarities to the human form.

joynagy-sim-leafstorm .jpg

Leaf Storm

Staten Island Museum, New York  2008-09

solo exhibition watercolor and installations

Preserved burdock leaves, some plated in silver, represent souls trapped in wire and allude to our fragile ecosystem.   Installation 30 feet long

“A whirling leaf storm had been stirred up, formed out of the human and material dregs of other towns, the chaff of a civil war that seemed ever more remote and unlikely.”   Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella 'La Hojarasca.'1955

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