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joynagy-sticking together ceramic.jpg
joynagy- sticking together ink.jpg
joynagy-crowd source-ceramic.jpg
joynagy-crowd source-ink.jpg

                                                         Hand built stoneware vessels approximately 6" high x 12-14" in circumference

                                                                 Sumi ink portraits on 10 inch square prepared board 1" deep . 

joynagy-by-standers ink .jpg
joynagy-by standers ceramic.jpg
joynagy-ink drawing of pod with
joynagy pod and chard.jpg

                                                                                                    Pods and Shards

 I use the shape of an ostrich egg as the starting point in creating this series of Pods, each of which rests on a matching porcelain shard base. Approximately 7" high x 14" in circumference at the center.

joynagy-pod with shard.jpg
joynagy 5 .jpg
joynagy-striped trunks.jpg
joynagy-2terra trunks .jpg

Porcelain and stoneware tree trunks approximately 7" high x 2" circumference

Vanity mirrors Porcelain sculpture  7.3/4" height - mirror 4"round

When not reflecting you, the mirror reflects ambient light.

All available at Michele Varian , Bklyn, NYC 

Ann Connelly Fine Arts Baton Rouge La.

Tiny Porcelain bud vase  3" tall  each unique piece

Egg shell bowls Porcelain 3.5" diameter 3" deep

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